Much of what we see in our world today can seem hopelessly tangled or intertwined. It can be difficult to see from where problems originate and even tougher to think about how to resolve them.  This can lead us humans to conjure up some pretty strange worldviews, superstitions and spurious advice for each other. But our guest for this Sunday's show thinks he may have a way to help us sort out some of today's issues: Evolution.

In his book Sex, Genes & Rock 'n" Roll: How Evolution Has Shaped the Modern World Rob Brooks shows how evolution may help us understand such seemingly disparate issues as political disagreements, obesity, declining fertility in industrialized nations and why men dominate the rock and roll scene.

Rob Brooks joins Atheists Talk this Sunday to discuss his book. It should be pretty entertaining - and maybe a little steamy. As he says in his official website, "My book is absolutely soaked in sex. The very first sentence states that my job is to think about sex. The word sex is found on 219 of the 310 pages." Evolutionary biology is sexy! 

We look forward to having with us this Sunday.

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