John Grant  joins Atheists Talk radio to speak with us about his newly published book, Denying Science: Conspiracy Theories, Media Distortions and the War Against Reality.

From his website:

What motivates people to deny science? In some cases the answer is ignorance and lack of the ability to think critically: scientific answers can be complicated and nuanced and require some education to understand, while the answers of gurus and quacks seem simpler . . . and thus, to use Stephen Colbert's term, more "truthy." Far more sinister are the active campaigns mounted, through "think tanks" and fake grassroots organizations, by ideological and commercial entities in a deliberate and often far too successful attempt to deceive the public – from fundamentalists promoting Intelligent Design Creationism to the tobacco giants muddling the science on the health effects of smoking to the fossil-fuel corporations claiming climate change is a hoax. Grant surveys these and a gamut of other denials of established science raised by various panics, urban legends and deliberate distortions amid a general climate of misinformation.

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