Dana Hunter is a science blogger at Scientific American and a blogger at The Orbit network. On her Rosetta Stones blog she is known for her writing about Mount St. Helens, her travel blogs about her geological adventures, women in science, and other gneiss schist. At her blog En Tequila es Verdad she writes about atheism, religious extremism, the implicationas and effects of religion on women, and many topics relating to social justice.

Dana joins us this Sunday to discuss her recently published book, Really Terrible Bible Stories - Volume 3: Leviticus. This is (as the name implies) the third in her series of really Terrible Bible Stories. From the Amazon book description: 

In Really Terrible Bible Stories vol. 3, Dana Hunter takes off the rosy religion-tinted glasses and reads the Book of Exodus in plain light. From childhood favorites to pulpit perennials, she explores awful details of these stories that are normally glossed over. With cutting humor (and plenty of cursing), she lays the sordid details bare.


This book is not safe for work. It's not suitable for children. It may even get you banned from polite society. But every single really terrible story within comes straight from the Holy Bible.

Join us this Sunday as we discuss God's instructions for BBQs, holy laundry, nutritional dictates, slavery and other instances of horrifying divine micromanagement.

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