The Fight for Reproductive Rights is Not Just About Abortion

By Jennifer Zimmerman

justice scales of justiceWhen we talk about reproductive rights the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is the right to abortion. However, reproductive rights encompass much more than that. The prolife movement has been pushing fetal personhood legislation that can potentially affect the rights of every pregnant woman, both those who want to continue their pregnancy and those who do not. Personhood rights would give a fetus full state constitutional rights from the moment it is conceived. Personhood legislation has passed in about five states, and been introduced and rejected in several others. However, many states that do not have personhood laws still favor the rights of the fetus over the rights of the person who carries that fetus and sustains its life.


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President's Column - Assembling Helpful Freethinking Support

By Eric Jayne

volunteers at family placeWhen I joined the Minnesota Atheists board three years ago, I wanted to increase our community outreach and volunteer efforts because I know how much cash-strapped nonprofits rely on donations and volunteer labor to address the growing needs within their service areas. I also wanted there to be a safe and welcoming outlet for atheists who were interested in collectively helping under the atheist banner while enhancing their freethinking identity with kindness and compassion. Having collaborated with several secular and faith-based organizations in my professional life as a licensed community social worker, and participated in many Minnesota Atheists volunteer events, I feel fully confident in branding our atheist volunteers as some of the most genuine, accepting, and helpful in the Twin Cities.


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Sunday Assembly Forming in Twin Cities

By Rebecca Chesin

sunday assemblyYou may have heard some of the buzz about Sunday Assembly as an “atheist congregation” that’s popping up in cities around the world. While it’s true that Sunday Assembly gatherings are a-theist (without gods), Sunday Assembly does not actively address the question of belief or disbelief. Rather, as one member of the local planning group put it, it is apatheist—religion is simply not present in, nor relevant to, the content of meetings. The focus of Sunday Assembly is neatly summed up by its motto: live better, help often, wonder more.


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