In Times of Trouble, Online Psychics Come To Me

According to an article on, practitioners of divination, many of them who give out  predictions online through email or IM, say that they see a marked increase in business during economic slumps. The hopeful patrons often ask about future financial and employment status.

Mmmm, I wonder what kind of economic downturn Jerusalem saw about two thousand years ago?

Bookmaker Raises Odds for the Existence of God to 4-1

Blaise PascalPaddy Power, a bookmaker in the UK which started only two months ago, has begun to offer bets on the existence of God and collected more than £5,000 in bets.  Currently, the odds stand at 4-1, spreading as far as 33-1 when the Large Hadron Collider malfunctioned.  Citing the recent introduction of atheist advertising on London's buses, which mention that, "There probably is no God,"a spokesman for Paddy Power thinks that the increase in betting is the result of increased public discussion over the existence of God brought on by the advertisements.
The booking agent stands to lose  more than £50,000 if proof for the existence of God is found.  Before anyone cashes in, however, scientists will have to verify the proof offered.
Betting on the existence of God is not new.  In the 17th century, Blaise Pascal reasoned that one had nothing to lose, and everything to gain by having religious belief.
You can read more here.

Sarah Palin and the New Apostolic Reformation

The Huffington Post has more interesting information on Sarah Palin's involvement in a religious movement called  The New Apostolic Reformation. An independent research team has recently found information about the organization and it's plans to implement a world wide Christian theocracy. As far fetched as it sounds, the organization's leader C. Peter Wagner  was quoted as saying, "I decree that vast amounts of wealth will be released supernaturally, even from godless and pagan sources... The enemy's camp will be plundered... Resistance will be impossible. Jesus will put all things under His feet."

There's some interesting stuff in there, like information on an expedition to Mount Everest to rid it of a demonic spirit that is blocking prayers from getting to heaven.

Say Hello to Our RSS Feeds

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a way for you to keep up to date with Minnesota Atheists from a feed reader.  What's a feed reader?  Well, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer all act as feed readers now with dynamic bookmarks which update their info with headlines from the sites you are subscribed to.  Several sites, such as iGoogle, NetVibes, and My Yahoo let you add the lastest headlines from your favorite news sources, podcasts, and blogs by referencing their RSS feeds.
Minnesota Atheists have several feeds you can subscribe to depending on what you would like.
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Blood Drive a Gushing Success

blood group2.jpgOver twenty people participated in the first Minnesota Atheists Blood Drive on Saturday, May 31st at Memorial Blood Centers in St. Paul's Midway. Memorial welcomed us with a sign, balloons, a cake, and plenty of other snacks. After eating our dessert, most of us trekked down University Avenue to the Leaning Tower of Pizza to celebrate our two-gallon deposit.

For those who couldn't make it, you can get on our call list for the next round by sending an e-mail with your name, telephone number, and the subject heading "Blood Drive List" to

Thanks to all those who participated, including the following people: Denise Crosby, Bonnie Marsick, Jack Caravela, Bjorn Watland, Jeannette Sorenson, August Berkshire, Michelle Losey, Mike Toft, Mike Parrott, Bess Vlaisavljevich, Fred Roos, Trish Murtha, Cynthia Egli, Dan Feyma, David Hubmann, Doug Turbak, Norm Barrett, and Tom Riddering.

Our next blood drive is October 25th from 10 AM to Noon at the same location as last time, Memorial Blood Centers building in Midway.  We're looking for volunteers, so feel free to contact our charity committee at if you can help out.

If you want to participate in Minnesota Atheists other community service programs, send your information to to stay up to date on our latest opportunities.


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