Lois Schadewald on Skepticality

Minnesota Atheist member Lois Schadewald is featured in the latest episode of Skepticality, the podcast of Micheal Shermer's Skeptic Magazine. Lois is talking about "Worlds of Their Own: A Brief History of Misguided Ideas; Creationism, Flat-Earthism, Energy Scams, and the Velikovsky Affair", a book written by her brother, Robert J. Schadewald. Robert, the former president of the National Center for Science Education died of cancer in 2000.

Listen to the podcast at http://www.skepticality.com/

Link to the book description at Amazon.com


A Bank with no Prophets?

no_profit.jpgBy Bob Schmitz

The business section of the October 24th Pioneer Press contained an article headlined "Regulators close 2 Otsego bank sites." Bank regulators closed two branches of Riverview Community Bank of Ostego after the banks were deemed to be critically under-capitalized.

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Book Review: The Greatest Show on Earth (by Richard Dawkins)

the_greatest_show_on_earth.jpgBy Ryan Sutter

I was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and therefore a creationist. I qualified as one of the “history-deniers” that Professor Dawkins describes in his latest book The Greatest Show on Earth.  I believed that human beings were created 6,000 years ago and that evolution was a lie. I had never looked deeply into the matter. I trusted my parents and my religion. The creationist literature they indoctrinated me with was very convincing to me when I was twelve.

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Celebrating Biblical Scripture

By Eric Jayne

Nearly all Christians have a few favorite bible verses that they find to be deeply inspiring. The texts from many of these verses have been stamped on aesthetic snapshots depicting a variety of scenic natural landscapes. Having observed several such pictures on display in neighboring office cubicles at work, I came to find it very curious that the recurring maniacal proclivities that dominate the bible (genocide, slavery, womanly submission, capricious rules, etc.) are not represented.

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