Waiting for Armageddon: Review and Panel Discussion

waiting_armageddon.jpgBy James Zimmerman

Waiting for Armageddon details the lives of several Americans who live in expectation of a rapture. And, as the film stresses, these evangelical Christians expect the End to arrive very, very soon—one young girl was nearly in tears as contemplated the future she was never going to have. Later, a mother pointed to her son, saying he would never grow old enough to graduate high school, or even to get a driver’s license.

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What's in a Name?

By Bjorn Watland

Atheist, humanist, secular humanist, Bright, freethinker, secularist, naturalist: these are all words I've heard people use to describe themselves. I recall the diversity of identifiers used at the Atheist Coming Out Day last year. I was reminded of this diversity when an issue came up with the newsletter for a secular organization: Should "humanism" be capitalized?


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February Meeting Review

george_head_small.jpgBy George Kane

Our February Meeting opened with the election of officers for the 2010 year. All of the candidates were unopposed, and were elected by voice acclamation: President, August Berkshire; Associate President, Laura Hutt; Chair, George Kane; Associate Chair, Steve Petersen; Treasurer, Brian Knoblock; Secretary, Rick Rohrer; Directors-at-large Karen Burke, Mike Haubrich and Cody Peterson.


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March Meeting

mikedavispic_201002271.jpgBeyond Errancy:
How to Use Bible Contradictions to Refute Christianity

When you discuss religion with Christians, do you just end up talking past each other?  Most of us have had such encounters, where our arguments from science and reason are rebutted by biblical myths. We walk away from these discussions dismayed by our adversary’s shortcomings in reason, while they leave shaking their heads at our ignorance of the Word of God.

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President's Column

 august_head.jpgBy August Berkshire

I’d like to begin where our previous president, Jeannette Watland, left off last month, by highlighting three more women who have made extraordinary contributions to Minnesota Atheists. I join Jeannette in encouraging more women to step forward as atheist leaders. 


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