The November MNA Meeting

David Niose, the recently elected president of the American Humanist Association, gave the feature presentation of the November 15 meeting at the Ridgedale Library. Niose argued that John Dewey’s writings in the early twentieth Century were an important advance for American humanism, and are largely overlooked today. The lively discussion that followed showed that many in the audience were already familiar with Dewey’s writings. Niose’s appearance drew a large turnout from members of the Humanists of Minnesota.
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January Meeting: "How to Lobby Your State Legislator"

800px-minnesotacapitol.jpgThe Minnesota State Capitol can seem like a very intimidating place. And yet the legislators there are elected to represent us and they welcome our input.
What's the best way to contact our representatives? How do we set up a meeting? How can we find out about upcoming legislation? How do we know what legislative bills have been introduced and when they might get a public hearing? How does one sign up to testify at committee hearings? What bills might be introduced in the upcoming legislative session? How can an average person (or, in the case of a Minnesota Atheists member, an above average person) make a difference?
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