Science vs. Religion: How Faith Makes Us Wrong

On Sunday, May 16th, Minnesota Atheists will host a presentation by Dr. P.Z. Myers. Myers is a biologist, associate professor at U of M Morris and webmaster of the popular site Pharyngula. His discussion will feature three examples - from physics, developmental biology, and neuro-science - where religion has clearly led people down the wrong path to incorrect answers, and where even now believers oppose many of the fact-based conclusions of science.

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Atheist 'Day of Reason' Celebration to be Held at the State Capitol

St. Paul, MN, April 21, 2010 -- Minnesota Atheists, a positive atheist organization that actively promotes secular values through participation in public affairs, educational programs, and social activities, plans for the fifth consecutive year to celebrate a Day of Reason as a secular alternative to the religious Day of Prayer event to be held simultaneously on the front capital steps.  As an educational event for legislators and the public, Day of Reason will be held on Thursday, May 6 from noon to 1:00 pm in the Rotunda of the State Capitol.

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News and Notes

george_head_small.jpgBy George Kane

On March 11, Michael Newdow suffered two setbacks in the type of church/state separation cases that have made him famous. A three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 3-0 in the first suit that the words “In God We Trust” are constitutionally permissible on coins and currency, and later ruled 2-1 against him in his second suit against the pledge of allegiance in public schools.

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Encountering Naturalism

By Grant Steves

Fundamental in my search for answers has been to turn to science and philosophy. Science provides the evidence, and philosophy provides the reasoning strands that bring the evidence together for answers. In Thomas W. Clark’s book, Encountering Naturalism, you will find one rational answer through the philosophical school of naturalism. Clark’s presentation is a simple introduction to naturalism. For a more challenging approach, I would recommend Richard Carrier’s book, Sense and Goodness Without God (2005) and the website:

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