By August Berkshire

This year we once again plan to have a booth at the Juneteenth Celebration, held in north Minneapolis on Saturday, June 19th. As a bonus, we are hoping to have a special presentation later that week by one of our members that we will advertise at the event. African-Americans are greatly underrepresented in the organized atheist community (as are all racial minorities) and we wish to correct this.

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Book Review: Don't Be Such a Scientist

By Grant Steves

Minnesota Atheists does not identify as a proselytizing organization. However, we do believe in informing and educating the community about atheism. Many atheists would benefit from the book, Don’t Be Such a Scientist by Randy Olson. He has been a professor of marine biology who left to pursue a career in film making. In his pursuit of a film career, he has helped to make science more accessible to those who have no science background and to those who need to communicate more successfully to that audience of uninformed.


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April Membership Meeting Provided No Exit From Existentialism

By George Kane

Dr. Nick Pease, adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota, presented a lecture on the moral philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre at our public meeting on April 18 at the Ridgedale Library. Dr. Pease explained that Sartre focused on the role of the individual in creating meaning and value in life through his actions. However, each individual also has freedom of choice, and therefore cannot escape responsibility for his actions. That responsibility, in Sartre’s moral construct, is to act authentically in representation of the individual’s values.

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May 23rd: Mark Your Calendars

By Steve Petersen

Get ready for a Minnesota Atheists double-header:
First, our Lakeville Highway Clean-up: The date will be Sunday May 23. We will meet at the McDonald’s at 21044 Kenrick Ave, Lakeville this is just off Highway 35 at the 210th Street exit.  We will gather about 11:30 a.m. for a short lunch and at noon we will review safety instructions and head out to the highway. Bring some work gloves and sturdy shoes, bug repellant and sunscreen. Please contact either Rhonda Arkley at 952-322-1003 or rhondaarkley@yahoo.com or Steve Petersen at 651-484-9277 or achair@mnatheists.org.  These highway clean-ups are great visibility for Minnesota atheists to the public. We socialize, clean the highway, and then socialize some more. 

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Science vs. Religion: How Faith Makes Us Wrong

On Sunday, May 16th, Minnesota Atheists will host a presentation by Dr. P.Z. Myers. Myers is a biologist, associate professor at U of M Morris and webmaster of the popular site Pharyngula. His discussion will feature three examples - from physics, developmental biology, and neuro-science - where religion has clearly led people down the wrong path to incorrect answers, and where even now believers oppose many of the fact-based conclusions of science.

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