President's Column: A Variety of Activities

By August Berkshire
august_head.jpgMost of my past President’s Columns have focused on one particular aspect of our organization.  I have done this because some of our newer members might not know our history, and as a way to publicly acknowledge and thank those members who have contributed to our success.  I will resume this approach in future columns, focusing on such things as our website, Meetups, newsletter production, and charitable works.  This month, however, I will briefly highlight a variety of activities.

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Paint the Bridge

The new school year is fast approaching, which means student groups at the University of Minnesota are given the opportunity to paint the panels on the Washington Avenue Bridge. Student group Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists are again raising funds for the promotion of secularism on campus by filling their panel with atheist, agnostic, secular, humanist, and freethought quotes sponsored by the freethought community of Minnesota. For $10 a word, you can help support CASH and have your favorite quote painted on the bridge. Small words are free, and for every nine words you buy, the tenth is free as well. To submit your quote, or if you have any questions, send an email to


The First Minnesota Atheists Debaptism Event

By Eric Jayne
de.jack.jpgOn Sunday, May 23, in the quiet suburban community of Eagan, the very first Minnesota Atheists Debaptism event was performed. We had a pretty good turnout of about 25 ex-Christians—mostly former Catholics and Lutherans, but also two former Jehovah’s Wit-nesses, one former Southern Baptist, and one former Mormon. The Hair Dryer of Reason (which I’ll explain shortly) was definitely put to the test!

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News and Notes

By George Kane
At the end of April, a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court once again found that a monument on government land that features a Christian symbol does not constitute endorsement of religion.  In the case Salazar v. Buono the Supremes reversed a lower court ruling that the transfer of the land under a metal cross in the Mojave Desert National Preserve to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, specifically to ensure that the cross would not be taken down, was an impermissible government preference for religion.  The ruling sent the case back to the Appeals Court with a clear message:  Keep the cross standing.


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