Book Review: God Hates You, Hate Him Back

By James Zimmerman

james_head.jpgGod Hates You, Hate Him Back, by CJ Werleman, 298 pages, Dangerous Little Books, ©2009

Werleman definitely gets an 'A' for idea: his goal is to make "the ultimate case for the claim that the God of the Bible is the most wicked character in the pages of history" (back cover) by discussing the highlights of each book of the bible. Unfortunately, his follow-through isn't as good.

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Top 10 in 2010

By Eric Jayne

eric_mug.jpgWhen people take time to remember the events of 2010 they’ll probably think back to the Chilean miners who were trapped underground for 69 days before being rescued; or they might remember the horrific earthquake in Haiti that killed over 200,000 people.  Perhaps they’ll remember the signing of the health care bill, the contentious mid-term elections, or the rallies held on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. For me, however, the following is a list of my personal favorite and unforgettable top 10 stories of 2010:

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Atheism 101

By August Berkshire
An agnostic is a person who has no (scientific) knowledge of any gods.  Therefore, everyone is an agnostic.  People who nevertheless make a leap of faith and believe in at least one god are theists.  People who lack a belief in all gods are atheists.  (Most atheists disbelieve in the existence of anything supernatural.)  People who don’t care enough to take a position regarding the existence of gods are apatheists.

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