Responding to the Response

By Eric Jayne

eric.mug.1.jpgBack in April, on Good Friday, a tornado ripped through St. Louis, Missouri. There was some property damage but not one single person was killed or badly injured. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon credited divine intervention for this fortunate circumstance. Sadly, Nixon’s omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent god failed to intervene five days later when tornados shredded through Alabama killing over 200 people. God also didn’t bother offering life-saving miracles in Japan the month before when over 20,000 people succumbed to a massively fatal tsunami. Nixon understandably didn’t bother invoking divine intervention when a tornado killed over 150 Missourians in Joplin one month after the St. Louis tornado. Victims included children like 10-year-old Shante Caton and her 6-year-old brother Trentan. Public mourning and national relief aid seemed to be the appropriate response, but Gov. Rick Perry of Texas offered a different kind of response. Perry invited other state governors, including Nixon, and the rest of the nation to Houston’s Reliant Stadium next month to pray and “call upon Jesus to guide us through unprecedented struggles.”

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Book Ideas for Young Freethinkers

kids.jpgJames Zimmerman interviewed Mindy Rhiger during June’s cable show taping of Atheist Talk. Rhiger recommended many freethought books during the show which are all listed here under one of two categories: Science and Religion. Happy Reading!


On the Day You Were Born, by Debra Frasier
This poetic picture book may make natural phenomena seem miraculous, but the appendix explains the facts behind these "miracles."


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Genesis 51:33-51 (Not All Gods are Good)

Kyle Rogers, a young and ambitious local filmmaker, is completing his latest project titled Genesis 51:33-51.  Although he’s directed many short films this one is the first he’s worked on with a significant budget.  For more details about Kyle, the movie, and how you can help him with the project visit his movie page by clicking HERE

News and Notes

By George Kane

george_head_small.jpgJune is the time of year for high school graduation ceremonies, and the time for that annual battle of the culture wars when Christians try to turn them into religious services. This year the outcome was a distinct and disappointing setback for the separation of church and state.

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4th of July Atheist Aerial Banners to fly over Minnesota

fourth-3.jpgThe American Atheists have paid for aerial banners to fly over 27 states on the 4th of July throughout the country including right here in Minnesota!  The aerial banners will say "God-Less America" or "Atheism is Patriotic".

The plane will be flying the banner over 4th of July community celebrations in Minnesota from 1:00-2:00pm over the following cities: Forest Lake, White Bear Lake, and Roseville (in that order).

Click HERE for more information.

Click HERE to RSVP on our Meetup site.



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