How the 2012 Election Affects State-Church Separation

david pacheroConsiderable attention in the press has been focused on the constitutional amendment referendum to forbid the state to recognize same-sex marriages. This is the ballot measure with which we at Minnesota Atheists are most concerned, because the only serious reason in support of the amendment is ancient bigotry based on religion. Additionally, there are candidates who have stated their intention to use the government to benefit religion and serve God. Minnesota is not unique – there are issues like this all over the country. Referendums prohibiting recognition of same-sex marriage will also be on the ballot in Maryland, Maine, and Washington State. In Florida there will be a referendum to amend the state constitution to permit the government to pay revenues from the public treasury directly to churches.

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Vote NO...Twice!

By Eric Jayne

eric.mug.1Editorial. The opinions expressed herein are solely those of Eric Jayne and are not necessarily those of Minesota Atheists.

Voters will be going to their polling place in just a couple of weeks. Besides voting for state legislators, U.S. legislators, and president, Minnesotans will also be voting on two constitutional amendments. One of the amendments is unfairly restrictive and based on mythical beliefs that breeds—and stems from—irrational fear. The other amendment would constitutionally ban same sex marriage.

Of course, the anti-marriage amendment is horribly restrictive and has its own myth-based, fear-mongered roots but the atheist case against it appears more obvious. That’s why I want to take a moment to discuss the proposed voter restriction amendment from the critically thinking atheist perspective. My feeling is that the voter restriction amendment conflicts with the skeptical point of view and humanistic values.

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Atheists Cook Dinner for Homeless Families

By Eric Jayne

Homeless Cook 2Homelessness is a tragic reality. It exists in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, and just about every city, suburb, and community throughout Minnesota. With rising rent, low apartment vacancy rates, foreclosures, and scarce housing resources, low-income families have faced extraordinary devastation. Perhaps even more devastating is that children and youth account for nearly half of homeless people in Minnesota (Wilder Research – May 2010).

In Ramsey County, the first point of contact for all homeless families is the Family Place which is a secular nonprofit in downtown St. Paul. They provide youth enrichment, employment counseling, housing advocacy, and they directly arrange shelter for homeless families.

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Highway Clean-up

Highway CleanupMany thanks to those who helped out with our recent highway clean-up in Rice:

Steve Petersen
Richard Trombley
Tom Stavros
Morg Christian
Deb Doucette
Rachel Wilson
August Berkshire
Decker Alsop
Rob Taylor
Scott Forschler

... and more.

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Help Promote Atheist Voices of Minnesota

avmBy Jill Carlson

Did you enjoy reading Atheist Voices of Minnesota? Will you help us promote the book? Here are a few easy ways you can help get Atheist Voices to as many people as possible, and raise money for Minnesota Atheists at the same time:

  • If you don’t own a copy yet, buy one for yourself. It’s available in paperback and eBook.
  • Request the book at your local library; check out your library website for details.
  • Write a positive review of the book on, or
  • Include a plug for Atheist Voices in your blog.
  • Post about Atheist Voices on your Facebook page and include a link to the store page on the Minnesota Atheists website for details on how to buy it.
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