Highway Clean-up

Highway CleanupMany thanks to those who helped out with our recent highway clean-up in Rice:

Steve Petersen
Richard Trombley
Tom Stavros
Morg Christian
Deb Doucette
Rachel Wilson
August Berkshire
Decker Alsop
Rob Taylor
Scott Forschler

... and more.

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Help Promote Atheist Voices of Minnesota

avmBy Jill Carlson

Did you enjoy reading Atheist Voices of Minnesota? Will you help us promote the book? Here are a few easy ways you can help get Atheist Voices to as many people as possible, and raise money for Minnesota Atheists at the same time:

  • If you don’t own a copy yet, buy one for yourself. It’s available in paperback and eBook.
  • Request the book at your local library; check out your library website for details.
  • Write a positive review of the book on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com or Goodreads.com.
  • Include a plug for Atheist Voices in your blog.
  • Post about Atheist Voices on your Facebook page and include a link to the store page on the Minnesota Atheists website for details on how to buy it.
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News and Notes

By George Kane

george head smallI never expected God to be an issue at the Democratic National Convention. Christian conservatives are obviously a core constituency of the Republicans, and their stamp was unmistakable on everything that transpired at the Republican National Convention a week earlier. I expected the Democrats to make routine obeisance to religion that should infuriate everyone who values the separation of church and state, which would, however, attract no particular notice.

To my surprise, on Wednesday morning the networks reported that the platform had been released with no reference to God or to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This became the exclusive focus of the Jay Sekulow Live radio program that morning, and Republicans were quick to spin it as proof that Democrats were out of touch with the America’s religious core. It was a tempest in a tea pot, as party platforms are nothing more than appeals to special interest groups. That no platform ever mentions the separation of church and state, or expresses respect for atheists, only proves our political insignificance.

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Justice in a Just World

stephanie zvan

Is the world we live in fair? We tell children it isn't, though we often do that just to get them to be quiet.

The idea that the world is fair is embedded in many of the world's religions. Galatians six tells us that we shall sow what we reap, that if we do good, we will receive our reward. In context, this reward is clearly supposed to arrive after we die. However, that hasn't stopped many believers and traditions from assuming God will grant them favors in this world if they are only pious enough.

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