Radio Fund Needs Your Help!

ktnf am 950Do you enjoy listening to our “Atheists Talk” radio show, either live on air on AM 950 KTNF radio, or streaming live on-line, or as a podcast later?  What many people don’t realize is that we have to pay for our time slot – over $10,000 a year.  We think it’s worth it because we get a lot of positive feedback from people we meet at the festivals at which we have booths.

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Play Ball and Enjoy 20 Hits with the Atheists!

By Eric Jayne


Many will be coming to the Twin Cities in a few weeks to play ball with the atheists!

It appears that there will be at least 70 atheists at Midway Stadium on August 10th rooting on the Mr. Paul Aints—which is what the team will be renamed that night—and cheering for American Atheists President Dave Silverman as he delivers the first ceremonial pitch of the game.

The name change is a light-hearted way to captivate and represent our community.

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President's Column: Pride!

By August Berkshire

mna.rybak1Almost fifty people took part in marching in our contingent in the Twin Cities Gay Parade on June 24, or staffing our booth in Loring Park during the Gay Pride Festival on June 23 and 24. Our friendly volunteers collected lots of hugs and handed out a hundred “Saved By An Atheist” cards as we marched, as well as signed up almost 200 people at our booth to get more information about Minnesota Atheists. Most of us were wearing our new Minnesota Atheists’ “Minnesota Atheists Supports Marriage Equality” t-shirts.

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News and Notes

By George Kane

george head smallThe Secular Coalition for America ignited a major controversy when it announced that it had hired Edwina Rogers as its new Executive Director. Without question, Rogers brings to the job an impressive inside-the-beltway résumé; the problem is that her work has been entirely for the Republican Party. That party is firmly established in the minds of most organized atheists as the wholly-owned property of the religious right and the champion of undoing the separation of church and state. Rogers was an economic advisor for both Presidents Bush, and General Counsel to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.   

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Book Review: Inventing Jesus

By Bill Lehto

Inventing JesusInventing Jesus: The New Testament Narrative as Fiction, by Paul Gabel
702 pages
©2012, Paul Gabel

In Inventing Jesus, Paul Gabel, a history teacher, argues that Jesus was an entirely fictional character, with no historical basis, having been completely invented by the writer of the Gospel of Mark. The book is 700 pages long, and covers a lot of ground. Gabel is a good writer, and some of his sections provide succinct and balanced summaries of critical thinking on particular topics: his sections on feminism in biblical studies and on the debate over whether Jesus was apocalyptic are good examples. But these sections are just asides to his main augment about the historicity of Jesus.

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