The Minnesota Atheists Center, as real now as a pink unicorn, will eventually become a reality.  To reach that goal, we need the support of our members, and others in the community who support our issues.  But, what would this building be used for?  Here's one suggestion.  If there is a common place for people to meet, informally, it makes planning that much easier.  It would be much more quiet then a restaurant or coffee shop, and you don't feel awkward for not ordering food if you happen to be broke.  VJack in Mississippi writes on Atheist Revolution about his ideal atheist organization.  He feels that, "If I want to pick up trash, I hardly need an atheist group to do so."  He suggests small group meetings, similar to a support group of 5 to 10 people to just talk about atheism, and how to deal with being an atheist in America.  For example, how to deal with dating, work issues, etc, as an atheist.  A building would offer an opportunity for get-togethers like these which would serve members who find value in them.  What do you think?  When you imagine the Minnesota Atheists Center, how do you see it being used?  Would you attend a small gathering of atheists to talk about atheism?  You can post your comments below, or email your group ideas to

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