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Minnesota Atheists is your voice in the community. The atheist perspective can be ignored, but our voice is strong. Together, we are building a community of people who value the contributions of science, find happiness in helping others, and seek to keep the state and church separate. When you join, you become a member of a greater whole. When we approach leaders with issues, our voice, your membership adds to our collective voice and we are sure to be heard. Without your help we are in danger of being ignored.

What do we do?

Minnesota Atheists is very active in the community promoting Positive Atheism. We feel one of the best ways of getting our voice heard is by engaging the community in dialog and making our opinions known. We do this through organized debates and lectures given in schools and in the community. This allows us to hear other perspectives as well, which can effect how our message is presented.

We try to make atheism more visible by attending various parades and events throughout the state. We host speakers in the community who offer something interesting for those who live without belief. We also produce an insightful radio program on AM 950 at 9AM on Sundays, which is later available for download at our website.

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